Research Institute

A significant fraction of the diseases in perinatal and pediatric stages are related to development and growth, of which mechanism is largely unknown. To delineate and overcome the medical problems in this specific field, we need to understand the biological process and to take a different approach from that to the diseases in adulthood. The research institute is comprised of four divisions (departments), and is proud that the tasks are quite challenging and that the effect will be immense when they are accomplished.
The research projects which were evaluated and approved by external review board are as follows.

  • Studies on molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying mammalian development and congenital malformations (Department of Molecular Embryology)
  • Mechanism of cell-cell fusion in trophoblasts and myoblasts / Glycoproteomics empowered by mass spectrometry and its clinical applications (Department of Molecular Medicine)
  • Identification of bacterial virulence factor in a murine preterm birth model. (Department of Developmental Medicine)
  • Investigation of regulatory mechanism for skeletal development and pathogenesis of growth retardation / Elucidation of the molecular basis for phosphate sensing and metabolism (Department of Bone and Mineral Research)