Department of Maternal Fetal Medicine

Osaka Women’s and Children’s Hospital was established in 1981 as a specialized hospital for mothers and children. Since then, we have been engaged in medical care and research of mother and fetus as a core facility of maternal and child health and medical care in Japan. 
We work on medical care and health guidance for pregnant women who are outpatients to our department. We also provide 24-hour support of maternal transfer and obstetric emergencies from local communities, and perform perinatal management for high-risk pregnancies.
Our hospital has a role as a core facility of OGCS (Obstetrics and Gynecology Cooperative System) in Osaka Prefecture. We accept obstetric emergency transfer from all over the prefecture and coordinate referrals between medical facilities. Our activities are not limited to Osaka Prefecture and we also collaborate nationwide. In addition, our department is willing to accept healthy pregnant women without complications and those who wish to give birth in Osaka.
We handle about 1600 deliveries per year. We handle not only low-risk pregnancies but also high-risk pregnancies with a variety of medical complications. We have several specialized outpatient clinics for high-risk pregnancies.

For low-risk pregnant women

“Low-risk pregnant woman” means those who is in healthy condition without any major illnesses. Nearly 70% of deliveries at our hospital are low-risk, and we provide general maternity checkups and deliveries for them. If a low-risk pregnant woman has some problems while their standard maternity checkups, we will treat her at a specialized outpatient clinic. Condition of pregnancy and delivery can change from low-risk to high-risk unexpectedly. Several obstetricians always stay at our hospital, and we cooperate with neonatologists and anesthesiologists who are available 24 hours.

Medical treatment data of our department

We handle more than 1600 deliveries annually including low-risk and high-risk pregnancy cases; about 300 preterm deliveries, about 120 deliveries of multiple pregnancy, about 160 deliveries with fetal congenital anomaly, and about 200 referral cases related to mother and fetus emergency. We have several specialized outpatient clinics for high-risk pregnancies. We also provide painless labor performed by anesthesiologists. 

Performance of our department

Multiple pregnancy clinic
We manage multiple pregnancy cases to minimize complications of mothers and fetus which is associated with multiple pregnancies. In particular, we have introduced fetoscopic laser photocoagulation (FLP) for twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) and selective intrauterine growth restriction(sIUGR), and we receive many referrals from other prefectures.

Fetal medicine unit
We cover the diagnosis, treatment of fetal disease, and psychological support for their parents in this unit. We can also provide fetal treatments, including fetal transfusion and thoracoamniotic shunting. Our hospital assembles a comprehensive team of specialized pediatric staff, such as surgery, cardiology, urology, neurosurgery, oral surgery. Typical diseases which each department treats are listed below. 
Pediatric surgery; diaphragmatic hernia, omphalocele, esophageal atresia, and tracheoesophageal fistula. Pediatric cardiology; fetal arrhythmia, cardiac structural abnormalities. Pediatric urology; fetal hydronephrosis. Pediatric neurosurgery: hydrocephalus. Pediatric oral surgery; Cleft lip and palate.
We cooperate with these pediatric staff to offer high-quality prenatal diagnosis and postnatal treatment for a small patient with fetal problems.

Prenatal counseling of genetic diagnosis unit
We provide prenatal counseling of genetic diagnosis, such as ultrasonography, amniocentesis, NIPT, and so on.

Maternal medicine unit
We cooperate with Maternal Internal Medicine Department, and handle pregnancy with various medical complications, such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, thyroid disease, autoimmune disease, previous preeclampsia, renal disease, cardiovascular disease, epilepsy, and more. 

Recurrent preterm birth prevention clinic
 This specialized clinic is dedicated to caring those women who have experienced spontaneous preterm birth in a previous pregnancy. We review obstetric history, current medical condition, and risk factors for preterm birth for each woman, and provide comprehensive program to prevent recurrence of preterm birth. 

Recurrent miscarriage clinic
 This specialized clinic is dedicated to caring those women who have experienced recurrent pregnancy loss. We offer screening tests (i.e., antiphospholipid antibodies, thyroid function, other blood tests, and uterine morphology) to women with recurrent pregnancy loss. We also provide supportive care for women with an on-going pregnancy.

Midwives clinic
 Midwives provide general maternity checkups to low-risk mothers at this clinic. We support healthy maternity life, normal delivery and child-bearing process. Mothers can spend a lot of time with midwives to talk about your pregnancy. Pregnant women can also go to doctor if necessary. 


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