Department of Radiology

The Department of Radiology consists of three fields: diagnostic imaging, nuclear medicine diagnosis, and radiotherapy.

At the request of almost all clinical departments, three full-time radiologists are making comprehensive diagnosis using various images mainly for ultrasonography, CT, MRI, etc.  In these examinations, ultrasonography is very effective and indispensable for children because of its advantages such as no radiation exposure, wide range of application, and large amount of information. That's why we focus on ultrasonography.

In addition, we have introduced a remote image reference system using a tablet devices.
On holidays or at nights, a radiologist outside the hospital interprets the images of emergency examinations and conveys the findings to the client doctor.

Although the number of cases is small, IVR supports puncture / drainage and emergency vascular embolization under the guidance of various images at any time.

Radiation therapy is external irradiation using high-energy radiation. In our department high-precision radiotherapy such as IMRT and IGRT is also possible. We mainly treat refractory solid tumors and brain tumors of Neurosurgery or Hematology/Oncology department patients.

Regarding regional cooperation, we respond to requests for CT / MR examinations and radiation therapy after breast surgery from other facilities.


  • Perinatal Center
  • Children's Hospital
  • Central Medical Service
  • Others